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Interior | Lampshades Trends for 2020 | Leather & Colors

Leather Lampshades

Unique and handmade leather lampshades for your home or business

Design your own lampshade

Lampshade with | trendcolors for 2020

Baby & kid Lampshade | Choose between 100 colors and prints

Baby & Kid Lampshades

A lot of colors and prints

From stars and stripes to Mickey and Pooh bear. Choose your print for these unique Lampshades. You can choose various sizes.

Design your own

Design your own lampshade

Looking for a nice lampshade for the baby’s room?
Or a nice and original gift?
Design your own lampshade here.

Vintage Leather Pendant Lamps


High quality


100% Full Grain


Vinatge Style

Second Life Lamps

Second Life lampshades

It's cool, it's second-hand and looks brand-new. The latest hype. Second-hand lampshades and lamps like new again. See in our shop at second life . Try it yourself .
We can also make your old lamps and lamshades as new again.
Ask us about the possibilities


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