I’m Louise and I live in Spain in beautiful Andalucía. For almost 20 years now.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Where my family, grandparents and later my father have always worked in the lighting industry. My grandfather started the company after the 2nd world war together with my grandmother. They made all kinds of lamps and especially lampshades. Until the United States they had orders and the company grew from the living room into their own company. Of course I also did my bit within the company.

I make lamps, lampshades and also sell DIY kits, especially for those who like to make their own lamp. You have a choice of different sizes, diameters, fabrics and colors.

Special colours for the Horeca with B1 certificate, which has a fire retardant function, which is mandatory in the hospitality industry.

See also the children’s and baby colours and prints that are available. I can customize a lamp for you, but you can order it yourself as a kit.

Besides the lampshades I can also make a custom pillow and other products in the same color and print as the lamp. This makes a child, baby, sleep or living room just as special and chic.

Most fabrics are made of cotton, recycled cotton or eco cotton and linen.

On this site you will also find acrylic products. I use only the best Quality acrylic. I have more than 20 years experience in the Display Industry.
There are standard acrylic products, but every product or idea can be custom made.

All products are made by myself.

After I have received the order and payment I will start working on your order. Because all products are handmade and not in stock, delivery takes between 7 to 14 days.

I hope you find something to your liking and if not, feel free to mail me with your idea or your own design.